Inventory Management

We are bridging Internet of Things (IoT) concepts and RFID technology together to create a state-of-the-art inventory management solution. Our goal is end-to-end value-chain supervision from manufacturing to consumption to provide accurate inventory management.

Queue Management

Internet of Things (IoT), Cameras and Image Processing combined together create an innovative solution for monitoring and counting the number of persons entering a store and provide an opportunity for businesses to optimize customer experience and increase revenue.

Waste Management

Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Scales jointly enable businesses to monitor the amount of waste they generate. Waste Management is crucial to minimize spoiled and unused resources, for example food to help the environment and to optimize revenue.


Combination of IoT technology together with RFID, Digital Scales, Cameras, Sensors, Level Tablet and Next Generation Cash Registers facilitates the overall monitoring and management of the customer service sites. This architecture enables inventory management, waste management, people or queue management, environment control, and management of cash register transactions.


Temperature-controlled supply chains (cold chains) are used in areas like food and pharmaceutical industries to make sure that desired low-temperature range is uninterrupted in all of the stages, including production, storage, and distribution. RFID technology supports the monitoring and management of end-to-end cold chain activities and enables inventory management at any location, including the customer service site. Our ultimate goal is to create a logistics solution to monitor end-to-end cold chain transactions.

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